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Clean seawater

Every year, the beach of Bibione is awarded with the Blue Flag, the highest ranking given by FEE, the Foundation for Environmental Education. Bibione has already been awarded with 31 Blue Flags. This represents an important quality certification: clean seawater, environmental protection, modern and comfortable facilities, safety services and measures.


Bibione Spiaggia

A surprisingly wide beach with fine and golden sand, still coming from the River Tagliamento. This alpine river is unique in whole Europe for its biodiversity. Therefore, the long beach of Bibione can be considered an important naturalistic heritage to protect.

It´s a great and demanding job performed by Bibione Spiaggia Srl, the largest European beach concessionaire. Since 1994, this company has been in charge for the management of 5 km of coastline, on a total amount of 8 km.

Their job involves also environmental protection policies, as well as the creation of new and original solutions to please tourists. They focus on customisation and innovation of touristic services.

Along the beach you can find comfortable and cosy private beach clubs, free playgrounds for your children; ideal places where you can spend your time relaxing in front of the sea. We try to meet every request: high-level services, kind and professional staff, modern and comfortable facilities.