Environment and environmental protection

EMAS certification is the result of an important choice we took at the beginning of the 2000s. We implemented a system of environmental protection that has improved our total performance. In 2021 Bibione has been awarded once again with the Blue Flag, with a total of 30 Blue Flags. This represents an important quality certification: clean seawater, environmental protection, modern and comfortable facilities, safety services and measures.

Our projects


Separate waste collection also at the sea. To promote a correct separate waste collection on the beach, we will deliver a brochure indicating how and where waste disposal can be made.

The train of recycling! Hundreds of coloured plastic bags are collected every day to be later recycled. It´s a useful and important service promoted by ASVO, the Town of San Michele al Tagliamento and Bibione Spiaggia, to offer our tourists a clean and beautiful beach.

YOUTUBE: Augusto Asvo

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